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The Future of Waste Management Tech

Spearheading the technological revolution in the waste management industry, Rena combines the clever use of IoT with the simplification of manual tasks. With the ability to provide full sensor read-out of all bin levels pinned to the precise location, users and companies alike can reap the benefits of complete data availability and further optimization of collection routes, budgeting and even run predictive analysis. Rena is built with utmost detail in design so users would have no worries on its application in a variety of conditions.


The integrated software of the ecosystem is also highly customisable and highly accessible, providing full control in a few simple clicks. With all its functionality combined in a neat package, Rena aims to optimize and mechanize waste management procedures while raising the standards of environmental cleanliness like never before; to “rena”, as the Swedish would say “to clean”!

Product Specification

Product Features

In our products, we choose nothing but top-grade electronics installed and programmed by the finest and most skilled technicians in the field. Every product of ours is planned, engineered and tested with the quality and demand of the highest order in order to deliver the following features:

Wide Angle Sensing

The highly-capable sensors cover a large span of angles, returning precise and accurate reading of waste levels from all possible vantage points.

Temperature Monitoring

Intelligently-programmed electronics are in placed to gauge the temperatures of the bin, ensuring users are alerted of heat levels in real-time.

GPS Tracker

Location trackers accurate down to the coordinates allow control centres, cleaners, collectors and all users alike to know the exact locations of a bin.


Our device remains engaged to our servers and delivers constant streams of data indoors through Wi-Fi or outdoors with Sigfox.


Housed in a tough IP66 water resistant casing with security screw mounts, the device holds its own against wet surroundings, toxic surfaces; you name it.

Ease of Installation

The structural build of the device has been carefully crafted and designed to mount on any bin by a few simple steps.

Movement Triggers

The device is pieced together with an ingenious arrangement and designed processes to harness the full capacity of its lifespan by the usage of movement triggers.

Extended Battery Life

The optimized circuitry, well-selected components and high capacity batteries contribute to our device’s running lifespan of a good 3-5 years.

Product Benefits

The perks and possibilities of IoT, now unlocked with the integration of Rena in waste management.

The Key to Waste Management

Have in your hands full data analysis, complete knowledge and vital control on and over waste conditions and its management