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Waste Methodologies: Past, Present, Future

With every meal served, produce harvested, item manufactured and life lived, lies an inevitable consequence, an inconvenience as old as civilization itself : Waste.

Waste generation and its management has long been a trouble and remains a difficult task to this day. In the yesteryears, waste management was in its infancy; a primitive…



Combining Waste Management with Tech

You have probably heard, seen or come across IoT and its application in a variety of settings. Internet of Things or IoT, very simply put, is a specialised, unique device of sorts that is connected and equipped with the ability to provide constant streams of data to a network.



The Internet of Things and Smart Cities

Force that Push Toward Smart Cities?

Infrastructure Management: IoT technology can determine a broad range of things, including the extent of degradation, daily traffic flow increases, temperature extremes that may exacerbate damage, safety issues that could lead to mass injuries or loss of life, and more.



Smart Cities: A Case Study In Waste Monitoring And Management

Requirements & Solution

1) Low cost sensor: The sensor node needs to be cheap enough so that if it is damaged or
lost it won’t be a big economic issue to replace it.