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How It Works


A fill-level detector, temperature recorder and a data tracker all designed using the latest advancements in technology to fit in a single package that fits nicely in the palm. Fix in the inner portion of your container’s lid and let it run for years to come. The device is specialised in returning streams of data, and with further control and customisation from our internet application, be sure to have full accessibility 24/7.


Full data disclosure and complete user control is now made possible with our all-in-one online platform. Enjoy an extensive control over waste, cleaner/collectors’ data and tasks alike with rundowns on waste levels across all bins, worker performance, clearance time and many more by simple manoeuvres about our web dashboard. Our webpage allows for users to not only explore the possibilities of statistical and predictive analysis but also the ability to plan for profit-maximising moves with proper cleaner/collector allocation and systematic performance grading.


Data review and system overview could never be easier now with the availability of an on-the-go access to the online platform. Powered by Telegram, our Chat Bot allows for users to obtain any data of interest with blistering immediacy, be it managers wishing to check waste levels or cleaners wanting performance analysis. With the abundance of internet connectivity across nations, users can be in the know of things wherever and whenever.

Wake-on-Shake and no switch required.

Our devices are not only designed for perfect performance execution; they are also built-to-last. With our Wake-on-Shake feature present all across the board, our devices are able to transition into a state of hibernation in times of inactivity.


Upon vibrations or shakes, the device will readily jump back into full running state and deliver its purposed functions in little to no delay. These periods of power saving will allow our devices to expense power only when necessary, thus making our devices power-efficient and longer lasting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What industry and scenario requires RENA?

With rapid growing of IOT in Industry 4.0, RENA ease every work progress and reduce OPEX, and RENA will be a right choice to aids you in every aspect on logistic, scheduling and security.

What types of containers are compatible RENA?

RENA can be implemented on any type of container for container capacity sensing, water/oil container, delivery container, etc.

What is the measurement range of RENA?

The range of the RENA sensing range covers from 2 cm to 2 m (upgradable to 4m).

Does RENA work on distant location with weak mobile and no WiFi signal?

RENA is a compact and standalone device which can be install on distant location far from the city as well. The device is developed to support wifi or sigfox network thus able to transmit monitoring data under indoor or outdoor condition.

How do I receive real-time monitoring from the system?

RENA solution provides customized notifications via Telegram when dedicated sensing range threshold or condition met. It can be monitored online by users for troubleshooting.

How do I identify location of RENA device in the system?

RENA is an Assisted GPS device. User is able to identify each RENA real-time location in the system.

How long does the battery last?

RENA can withstand up to 2 years under ideal condition.  Like any battery, this can vary according to configuration, temperature, wireless signal strength, and frequency of data transmission.

How durable is RENA, is it working well under direct sunlight? It is protected against theft and vandalism?

RENA enclosure is made from ABS material, which has good heat resistant, can withstand chemical corrosion and physical impact. Also, with IP65 rating under international standard of EN60529, It is enclosed and protected from dust and water.

The Key to Waste Management

Have in your hands full data analysis, complete knowledge and vital control on and over waste conditions and its management