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Monitors Solids & Liquids

Attachable to Any Type of Container

Wireless Data Transmission

Replaceable Battery

GPS Location Tracking

Temperature & Tilt Sensors


In malls and many large complexes, bins can be found in almost every corner and only about a few paces apart. It is then obvious that mall janitors are required to go through numerous bins and the heaps and heaps of rubbish within.


With RENA, the strenuous and often tiring duties of the janitors are greatly reduced by constant updates on areas requiring attention, thus optimizing their duties and labour required.

Charity Bin

Charity organizations and collection centres alike face a constant bulk of articles, and as such require item management by third parties which often bear unfavourable costs. The stem of the issue lies in the traditional way of fixed collection schedules, which may result in spending for collection when it is yet to be necessary.


RENA aims to reduce such convolutions by providing full disclosure on bin levels, providing timely notifications to not only collectors but the organizations as well.

Garbage Truck

Perhaps the most significant party in waste collection, the garbage trucks of today follow a fixed schedule system, covering areas streets after streets. An often occurrence is that the garbage trucks sometimes go through streets with minimal collection, and a long time accumulation of such trips is a waste in cost, fuel and time.


RENA allows the agencies to know beforehand the areas that do require collection, and as such the dispatch is greatly optimized in resources.

Recycling Managements

Many of the issues that pertain waste management agencies can also be seen in recycling management agencies. From unknown bin levels to ill-planned collection schedules, there proves to be many areas in recycling management that can be better done as well.


As such, RENA provides a solution to such problems by constant data streams on bin conditions and easily-navigated platforms for efficient planning and scheduling of collection.

The Key to Waste Management

Have in your hands full data analysis, complete knowledge and vital control on and over waste conditions and its management