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About Us

Meet The Team

On a day like any other, a spark ignited.


In the vastness of our world, there lay a group of young individuals. Motivated spirits, chins up in the sky with a common goal in mind; the prospects of technology. And so all that is left is a nudge, a starting push to rock the world in motion. And that was GeometryIoT.


GeometryIoT is a platform; a place built upon the power of like-minded professionals coming together who offer a multitude of skill sets. These abilities fill one another, and so forms a formidable team capable of producing nothing but excellent quality in all matters and aspects. GeometryIoT’s trump card is none other than the shared trust amongst the team, and the ability to accept different ideas pushes the work quality at every step of the way. 


GeometryIoT’s vision is a shared vision among the team. That is, every member at GeometryIoT believes in the power of patience and dedication in producing inventions, innovations and ideas to tackle and solve issues that the world currently faces using the marvels of technology. And so lies the hope in the team and GeometryIoT; to be the pioneers of a technological revolution and to be the leading team in a modernized future.

Interested in joining our team?

Geometry IoT is always keeping an eye out for talented and passionate people to fill positions in our Puchong office. If you like innovation, technology, and working for a company with a global reach and eco-friendly products, contact us today to discuss more!