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The Main Design

The primary structures of our system featured across all of our devices.


Within their circuitries, all of our devices have a specific set of sensors designed to detect and allow the return of continuous streams of data on a particular function in cutting edge accuracy. While not slacking on functionality, the sensors’ minute proportions cuts the overall dimensions of our devices, making them easily fixed and conveniently portable.


With our devices pushing out bulks of data around the clock, our integrated Cloud efficiently stores them and gives users the ability to explore a vast range of computations and analyses. With the Cloud attached to the Internet, users get to enjoy data viewing in almost anywhere in today’s world, so users will never have to worry about missing a beat.


Our devices keep track on every aspect of its functionality in close precision, thus opening the endless possibilities of user control on workflow. Users like companies get to view the track records from the data and further optimize their respective workflows. Not only does this allow for great amounts of efficiency, the overall profitability and brand name of the company will skyrocket just as well.

Principles at GeometryIoT

The foundations embedded at every step of the way.


Our approach to any particular problem runs in a structure; from ideation, followed by further development, assembling and testing, and then finally marketed. This step-by-step method of approach allows us to progress and troubleshoot systematically.


Our outlook on technology is that of a believer. We at GeometryIoT embrace the moving tides of technology and its benefits to society. As such, all matters, discussions, problems, solutions and such are viewed and analysed in technological perspectives.


Every one of us at GeometryIoT is a master at their respective crafts. Being technical experts coming from various fields, we deal with a set of tasks in the most efficient fashion and to the best of our knowledge.


A important saying to us here at GeometryIoT when it comes to technology is that ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’. We are a strong advocate of coming up with solutions a step at a time. Each product innovates possibilities in bite sizes, revolutionizing the world in baby steps.


GeometryIoT has the highest regards for the power of teamwork. Every step and process is executed and perfected together as a team, no side uninformed of the other. We work together with common goals and enjoy the fruits of everyone’s labour collectively.


We, while being confident in every of our inventions, believe that it is never the end. To us, while every invention is a household pride, we believe in more, in improving our standards. Each and every innovation is an achievement but more importantly a stepping stone towards greater heights.

The Processes

Professionally executed with each and every one of our greatest innovations.


IoT’s intricacies and prospects are tabled, the current market understood and future developments well underway.


The makings of the products are pieced together with refined technical design, of which has been carefully thought out and planned with precision.


All products are tried over countless prototypes, each tested to its full extent to ensure a fully capable end result.

Hear from our clients

Read about how GeometryIoT is revolutionizing our clients’ operations!

Professional Service

Highly recommended to those who seek professionally planned lighting. Not only is the design well made, the ease from using software for visualising is hard to beat.

Lee Engineering Manager at Luminance Systems

Excellent Work!

The solutions offered are useful and broadens our company’s horizons. The interactive simulations give us a lot of ideas for the future as well.

James Project Manager at PCS

Accurate & Reliable

The device is accurate and the minimalistic style sits well in my workplace. It is reliable with a well thought out design.

Ong Designer at BAT

Your Wants, Met with Our Skills

Whether you are a business owner looking for profitable alternatives or simply someone who has got a little too much house chores at hand, we at GeometryIoT are here to remove the worry out of the equation.


With us, you need not scratch your head over coming up with solutions to your problems by yourself. We provide all-in-one turnkey solutions to various problems and are well-suited in professional and non-professional settings. On top of it all, we ensure to you that our systems are not only reliable and accurate, but also easy to use and readily assimilate into your ecosystem.

System Integration 0
Software Development 0
Hardware Design 0

The Key to Waste Management

Have in your hands full data analysis, complete knowledge and vital control on and over waste conditions and its management